Young Love on a Mountain

Youthful Romantic Mountain top Session

Goodness do I love young love and can I just stop and mention that this girl is the absolute sweetest person to my brother! This sweet girl is Laura and she is about the closet to being a part of our family as a girl could get! It all started with our parents..long before we were even around! Our parents were friends first and then we came along and we all got to hang out together and have so many adventures and create so many wonderful memories with their family! I kind of love that I can say I have known Laura and her family for as long as I can remember! I think somewhere in my mind I have always hoped my brother would end up with this sweet girl but as we all know it, all good things come to those who wait! So we waited and waited a little longer for these two to realize they are perfect for each other in all the right ways! She keeps him on his toes and brings so much light and laughter to their love and he knows all the right ways to make her smile and make her heart skip a beat!   

Now our idea for their perfect session all started with wanting to find a mountain top that we could go adventure on and let me tell you it didn't disappoint! 

First things first as a Mitchell, we have been adventurous at heart from the get go! You can blame that on our parents and I cant say that I cant even be mad at them for that! I love the adventurous heart and soul that I have and that I am getting to photograph and hang out with people that have that same flame is just the best! My brother is the best at finding great little hidden gems from beautiful places to adventure to great places to eat..if your in phoenix you should get in your car now and go to Waldo's BBQ. It is literally the BEST barbecue place in Phoenix, hands down! 

Our adventure started with finding a great place to climb so we could get a great view when the sun set. About 20 minutes from my parents house in Scottsdale we found this great little mini mountain!

It was perfect in all the right ways and was such a great place for us to capture these two and their undeniable love for each other! We made it to the top slowly but surely..hiking with a camera in tow is a skill set in its own! As we settled in and found some awesome spots it didn't take long for these two to become naturals in front of the camera! While I almost fell down this mini mountain once or twice, I can say it was fully worth it with what we captured between these two! Our night ended with some super fun sparklers..these are quickly becoming a favorite ending point for my evening sessions..because who doesn't love sparklers!! I hope you enjoy these two and their sweet sweet love for each other!