Keegan Wedding

The day started out chilly for us Arizonians but as the sun warmed the valley, January 9th turned out to be a day that the Keegan's will remember for a lifetime. As Cierra started her day relaxing and getting ready to marry her best friend, Cal was setting up the ceremony and all of the little details that just made their day breathtaking! Can I just say that I loved the way he took care of his bride, ladies it was something out of a fairy tale!

Cierra and Cal's love was just amazing and all through the day you felt their love radiating from the two of them! She was so excited to see him and he couldnt wait to see her walk down the aisle as his bride and soon to be wife. Cierra you were such a stunning bride inside and out! As your day was unfolding the love that radiated from you was just amazing and I couldnt help but stop through out your day and just soak it all in!! From your little details to your sign in board that was just such a great representation of your love and your lives coming together everything was just perfect! Can we also take a minute to talk about first looks? This gorgeous bride had not one but two first looks that each had their own beautiful twists on them! I absolutely loved being a part of your day and capturing all of those little moments for you both! I cant wait to see your marriage grow and flourish for so many years to come! I loved having Amanda from Amanda Bynum Photography be my second shooter and along with me for their beautiful day!

Now I need to take a minute and describe for you how amazing of a story this gorgeous engagement ring has to it!! The band itself was given to the bride by her mother when she was younger and she has cherished it ever since as it was her first piece of jewelry! We can all relate to how special it is to get our first piece of real jewelry right?? To make her ring even sweeter and more heart melting the groom had the setting for the diamonds made, that were from Cierra's grandmothers earrings so that she would always be able to look down at them and be reminded not only of her grandmother, but of the love her husband has for her when he made the ring for his bride to be!! It is just another reason why these two were just meant for each other and how amazing their love is for one another!

And remember those TWO first looks!! Here they are!! She got to do a true first look with her dad and then she wanted to have her groom blindfolded so she could be the only one to see him before she walked down the aisle!

They had such a sweet entrance and first dance and I dont think they took their eyes off each other for even a second during their first dance! 

These two had such sweet dances with their parents!! Cierra had mentioned that they would be emotional and boy was she right in all the right ways!