Jeff + Ericka | Mount Lemmon Engagement Sesssion

Windy Point Engagement

Jeff and Ericka are two of the most genuine and amazing people I have ever met! Their love is so selfless and the way Jeff made Ericka laugh and smile through our whole session put the biggest smile on my face and made my heart melt! I had such an amazing time adventuring around Mount Lemmon with these guys and leaving me in awe that we have such an amazing place to go when Tucson is hotter than the sun! If you haven't been up to Mount Lemmon and you live in Tucson you need to stop what your doing and make plans to get up there! It is such an amazing escape from the heat and has some of the most stunning views that you have ever seen at sunset! Arizona sunsets don't disappoint and being up on the mountain gives you the best views as the last light disappears and you get those amazing skies! The lush greenery and the cool breeze complimented their session and provided such an amazing time for Jeff and Ericka to love on each other and enjoy this amazing time of being engaged! I am so excited for your wedding and to document your love story unfold as you become husband and wife! You guys are so amazing and I am so happy that you found each other and can't wait to see what your future together holds!