Scottsdale Civic Center Family Engagement

First can I just say that I loved that Brittney decided she wanted to have her little girl in their session! She was so great and was so cute and fitting that she matched her momma!! The love between these two was something you could just feel from a mile away! When Tim looked at his beautiful fiance it was more than just a glance, it was the look of loving someone more than words could ever say, it was looking at the mother of his child and loving her more everyday that they are all a family together. I loved walking around with them during our session and getting to see how their little family is just the 3 of them! I know that on their wedding day I will be looking at Tim and the way that he looks at his girls and the love that you can feel from him! I cant wait for your wedding day and watch you marry your best friend and celebrate the day with you!