Grassland Windswept Engagement | Kyle +Amanda

It all started with their 4 legged it was so fitting that when I met at their house to go on our adventure that their little man Rylee and miss Molly were right there to greet me and get some loving from me before we left! Can I just say that I am such a sucker for a cute dog! Like seriously they have my heart the second they look at me. Mr. Rylee was no exception with his big eyes and sweet disposition and Molly just sneaking in there where she could to steal some belly rubs! I wasn't able to meet their other two pups Misky and April but I think we may have to fix that because who wouldn't want to love on four puppies? It was the perfect way to start our adventure with Kyle and Amanda's Engagement pictures!

Now can I just talk about these two right here! Their love is just something else that I hope everyone finds in their lifetime! The way he made her laugh all day was quite possibly the sweetest thing to witness and it made for some amazing images and an even more fun time on our grassland adventure. He knew all the right things to say and let me tell you, he absolutely loved loving on his beautiful bride to be. More than once during their session I took a step back and just let them be in the moment and laugh and just love on each other and those always are my favorite! The moments in between moments..the way he paused before he kissed her and looked straight into her eyes and without a word spoken the love he has for her is just known right there in that moment. The way he spins her while they danced as the sun went down, always having a hand there to catch her if she were to fall. That right there is what a marriage and more amazingly what a friendship is all about! Loving that other person and always being there to catch them if they fall, to love on that other person so selflessly and carry their heart with you always. There is just something amazing about when two people begin their journey into marriage and that whole other amazing level of love comes through. Let me tell you that is one of the most cherished and amazing experiences that as a wedding photographer, I get to be a part of from their engagement to their wedding! I am so lucky and excited to be documenting your love and your story as you become husband and wife! Thank you guys for the adventure and the in-n-out!! I cant wait for your wedding this fall!! 

Now can I just say that if all my sessions would end at in-n-out I would be one happy camper!