Colorado Mountain Adventure Engagement | Lisa + Shawn

I was lucky enough to hang out with these two awesome people and their adorable puppy last weekend in the Colorado mountains for their engagement session and we had an absolute blast! We spent the afternoon adventuring around the forest, walking through snowy passes, throwing sticks for Miss Izzy, and braving the 7 degree weather for some breathtaking views that you can only get in Colorado! I love engagement sessions and being able to spend the afternoon getting to know two peoples love story and spending the day adventuring, not knowing what the next turn of the road may bring us. Telling your love story and being able to document this amazing time in your lives is truly one of the greatest honors and I am so happy for you both! I am so happy I got to come up to Denver and adventure with you guys and hanging out with you and your friends just laughing the night away! 

And Because if you break the ice and fall in the freezing river during your engagement session it is quite possible it will be documented while I stand in the middle of the river to get the original shot we had in mind!  

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