Thankful is just the Beginning!

Photo Credit: Lindsay Davenport Photography

Photo Credit: Lindsay Davenport Photography

This year has been one for the books! If you didnt know I married my high school sweet heart and best friend July 5th and I am still living in newlywed bliss! I have been so blessed by this man that I now get to call my husband and I love that I get to be by his side in this adventure we call life!  This was my first married Thanksgiving and I hosted at our home so it was so amazing to be able to welcome my family and loved ones into my home and be able to love and serve them all day!


Being married and becoming a daughter and granddaughter all over again to a new family has been one of the most humbling and amazing parts of being married! I would like to extend to all of my couples that as a married woman and photographer I understand the love you have for your fiance and soon to be wife or husband! I have been there and I have experienced all of the feelings that come along with getting to go on this journey as husband and wife. I think that marriage is so much more than just your wedding day and that when you  promise to love your best friend forever it can be just the two of you or with your family and friends surrounding you while you vow your love to each other! Each of your love stories are amazing and unique and I love that they reflect who you are as a couple coming together as husband and wife! I am  just so grateful and thank each one of you for trusting and putting your love into me and what I do when capturing your love on your wedding day!

I would like to mention some of the things that I am the most thankful for!

Firstly I am thankful for the ability to pursue my passion full hearted and with the soul consuming love for being able to capture the love of my clients! You all are so amazing and beautiful in your own unique and wonderfully made ways and I love being able to connect with you and your loved ones not only while you are in front of my camera but behind the camera as well! 

Secondly I am so thankful for the amazing community that is out there and how we all support each other so that we can better serve our clients! Like seriously I love that when you find the right people and community you can better yourself and you know what...they love and serve on you and make you feel so loved and recharged as a creative! So to all of those wonderful photographers that have helped me along the way..thank you!  I would not be where I am now and I am just so thankful!

And Lastly I would like to thank my husband..completely and whole heartedly! I would not be able to pursue my passion and be able to poor all that I do into my brides and grooms if he didnt whole heartedly show me what it is like to be loved and the way you  love me each and every day! You have shown me how to fearlessly love and be loved and in turn I want that for each and every one of my brides and grooms! To fearlessly and whole heartedly fall in love with each other everyday before and after you say "I do". Thank you for being my soulmate and everything I have ever wanted or needed in life before or even if I never knew it! I can love my clients in a unique and passionate way because of you! I love you Coulton!

Photo Cred: Lindsay Davenport Photography

Photo Cred: Lindsay Davenport Photography

Thank you for making it all the way down here! I hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving with your family and friends!